Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sothis weekend I am going up to Arthur's Pass with the tramping club to participate in something called freshers weekend. It's basically the first tramping trip of the year where most of the new members do a relatively tame hike set up camp for the night, get to know each other while consuming beverages and basically hang out. I hope the weather holds out, though if not maybe it will be a good test of my tent.
On another note my bike has STILL not arrived. And since it is now the weekend i guess it won't be coming till Monday (hopefully), although i am not really sure on which days the courier service takes a days rest, Maybe they don't? That would be nice.

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  1. Aotearoa! You lucky bastard. I was checking up on JoFo and saw you had a blog too. Effing Hell - NZ living. Awesome. We spent 3 weeks there a few years back and I have every intention of going back - maybe for good. Enjoy!