Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well...thats all she wrote folks. Our field camp now being finished i am back and settled in to my room back at the university of canterbury in christchurch. The field camp was on the whole an amazing experience, and although we didn't get to do quite as much sightseeing as i would have wanted i was certainly able to get a feel for both islands which is fantastic. So...it turns out that to have my bike shipped down here from the us would be about a thousand dollars...wow. This is a problem. With the exchange rate at the moment this really isn't my best option being that my money would go about twice as far down here. So i guess we will see what happens there...but hopefully it is soon i am really missing riding and with what seem like good trails so close i am getting a little impatient. Hoping to post more regularly now that i have a constant internet connection. J

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  1. you're all linked in now, but where's my link eh?